Hi everyone,
Wondering who is interested in discussing use of the Flinders Model within New Zealand?

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Well I think its a great idea, obviously it may now work in some areas but so far I have managed to use Flinders for my assessments
Sorry if my answer was unclear. Yes I am using Flinders in my assessments, I was a District Nurse until last year when I became a Urology CNS. I was inspired to use the Flinders assessments after completing the Life Long Conditions paper at Massey last year
Hi Lucy,

Ah, thanks for explaining. How's it going using Flinders? How many assessments do you do per month? What's working, what's not?? Really interested to hear people's stories from around the country.
Hi Janine,
The assessments are a little up and down at present, I am doing a lot of continence assessments in this new role and am only just beginning to see the patients for their second visit so probably too early to tell but in District Nursing I was able to use my adapted version very successfully, focusing on the patients easily obtainable goals as guidence, I love the concept, its very user friendly for long term management, I have not been able to use it for out patients as the visits are too intemittant to get consistancy, will keep you posted with the continence group!
Hope this helps you

Hi all, 

For those who are interested in the Flinders Programme, there have been some significant changes and updates which are now much more flexible. 

Saw some of these at the Long-Term Conditions Conference last year, and exciting possibilities. 

Keep a look out for more info coming. 


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